CyberCyberLoft Home Computer Services - Greenville SCLoft offers more than just computer repair.  We offer a variety of home computer services and can provide solutions for virtually any home computing situation.

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CyberLoft specializes in home computer repair (PC & Mac) with multiple service options to better fit your busy schedule (see Service Options below).

If your PC is running slow, infected with a virus or just doesn't turn on at all... we're here to help!

Just because your computer is not working correctly or running slow, doesn't mean the entire PC has to be replaced. Quite often, it's a certain component that is either malfunctioning or broken. Most of the time, these components can be easily replaced, saving you tons of time and money.

The Pros at CyberLoft can provide you with your own personal Certified Computer Services Technician, who can handle virtually any computer problem, from removal of viruses, malware, ad-ware, and spyware to repairing or replacing broken or damaged components.

Call CyberLoft today and get your computer repaired quickly and easily.

Computer technology is always changing and improving. As new technology emerges and newer computers get faster and more capable, software developers and web designers do everything they can to use up all of your computer's available resources.

It could be that your computer needs a tune-up and cleaning, or it could be that technology has improved to such a degree that your computer no longer has sufficient resources to handle the burden of today's generation of programs and high-quality web content.

If your computer is a year or more old and you feel that it is starting to run too slow, several things could be happening. Most of the time, if your hardware is working normally, a simple upgrade could be all you need to get a huge increase in PC performance.

Replacing your computer's mainboard and processor (motherboard & CPU), installing additional memory (RAM) and/or installing a faster, higher capacity hard drive can make a huge difference.

Our technicians can easily (even remotely) analyze your computer quickly and diagnose any problems. Once our analysis is complete, we can better provide suggestions on possible upgrades to help drastically increase your computer's performance and speed.

So, before spending hundreds or more dollars on a whole new computer, call CyberLoft and let us evaluate your computer to see if upgrades are the best solution for you.

Most of our customers like to save money. We like for you to save money too. Call CyberLoft today and get the right upgrades at the best price.

We now live in a "connected society" where having constant Internet access is an absolute necessity.

Furthermore, home networking technologies are rapidly changing, expanding and becoming more and more difficult to manage.

Every person who walks into your home most likely has either a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer or tablet. You want to be able to allow your guests access to Internet without disrupting your own work or play.

CyberLoft can help you create a home networking solution that can handle your varying levels of connectivity while maintaining your sanity and budget. We work on both wired and wireless devices and can even install structured wiring into your home giving you the fastest bandwidth possible between your Internet Service Provider and your device.

Call CyberLoft today and find out how we can help keep you, your family and your guests complete and permanently connected to the Internet.

With today's smart technology, our computers and smartphones are often able to be connected to our home TV systems, home theater systems, home automation systems, and other audio-visual systems.  That's why CyberLoft cross-trains its staff in all aspects of computerized & wired/wireless-connected technology.

Most of our clients appreciate having a bona-fide computer & network technician that also specializes in Home Theater Systems., including TV mounting, projector mounting, surround-sound speaker installation and other business and entertainment audio-visual systems.

Video games, CAD programs, graphic design software (e.g. Photoshop) among other software programs require more than the usual amount of resources to run. These systems usually need to be customized so that the user can operate the game or program sufficiently.

CyberLoft has relationships with vendors who offer high-quality components (e.g. video graphics cards, CPUs, RAM chips, solid state hard drives), which allows us to build you a customized computer with the extra resources you need for around the same price as a standard store-bought computer. So before you buy, contact CyberLoft and find out how we can help build you the best and fastest PC imaginable.

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Service Options

Got Internet? Try CyberAssist ™ Remote Computer Repair Service

If your PC can still boot-up and connect to the Internet, you can FIX YOUR PC NOW using CyberLoft’s award-winning remote computer repair service called CyberAssist ™. and get connected fast to a live CyberLoft Certified Computer Services Technician.

A survey of computer services companies throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom conducted this year revealed that more than 50% of in-home computer repair sessions could have been completed remotely.

Try CyberAssist ™ today and get your PC fixed now.

In-Home Service

Call CyberLoft today and schedule an appointment for in-home services.  A CyberLoft Certified Computer Services Technician will be dispatched to your home at a convenient time for you and get your computer and/or home network up and running in no time.

All at-home CyberLoft Certified Computer Service Technician are certified and carefully screened to ensure you receive only the best computer services by the best available computer services technician.

Pick-Up and Delivery Service

Got a busy schedule?  Can’t find time to sit with one of our technicians?  Don’t worry, just call us and make an appointment for our Pickup and Dellivery Service and a staff member or technician will come to your home or office at a designated time and retrieve your equipment for repair.  Once repaired, your unit will be delivered back to you.

Drop-Off Service

We have many customers who prefer not to have a technician come to their home at all.  That’s why we make it just as easy to arrange our Drop-Off service.  Call us now and connect with the CyberLoft Certified Computer Services Technician in your area who will coordinate with you to drop off the unit needing repair or installation.