About CyberLoft

“…So you’re not only hiring the most intelligent and dedicated computer service technicians available, you’re also helping to educate, employ and embrace entire communities…”

Internet of Things

This is where we are now:  Everything and everybody connected to the Internet via their various “things,” or devices.  However, in order to stay connected, your devices must be kept clean (both virtually and physically), updated, upgraded, and often repaired to keep functioning at peak performance at all times or suffer constant replacement.

Who we are

CyberLoft is the most amazing professional technology solutions company providing affordable computer and network services for business and home customers. Read on and find out why we are so amazing.

What we do

CyberLoft provides its clients a wide variety of professional computer and network services raging from virus and spyware removal on home PCs to complex corporate multi-site server-client hardware and software deployments or refreshes.

All of our technicians are simply great people with exceptional education and experience.

What makes it even more unique is that CyberLoft is not a for-profit corporation focused on profits or prestige; it has been created as a Social Enterprise, a non-profit corporation, whose net proceeds go to help edcate, employ and embrace the community through its three (3) community programs: CyberLearn, CyberWork and CyberLife.

CyberLoft’s Programs are deeply integrated into virtually every aspect of its operations. So you’re not only hiring the most intelligent and dedicated computer service technicians available, you’re also helping to educate, employ and embrace entire communities.

Why we do it

Several years ago, our founder contemplated the following question: “What is the best way to increase the quality of life of an entire community.”  The long answer would be a but much for an About Us page, but the short answer was this:  EDUCATE and EMPLOY its people and EMPOWER those in need or incapable of providing for themselves.

Sure, there are many companies that help in maybe one or two of these areas, but our founder could not find a single company that makes a sincere effort to significantly help in all of these areas. CyberLoft found a way to do just that… make a difference in each of these areas, making one of the most amazing computer services companies in the world.

Why we do it

CyberLoft’s CyberLearn Program, CyberWork program, and CyberLife Program are designed to, individually and collectively, help increase the quality of life of those in need in our communities while also providing a valuable service to our customers.

Read more about CyberLoft’s Programs, all of which are deeply integrated into its day-to-day operations that by its mere existence, helps raise the quality of life of more than just a few.

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