“…we are not standard… we set the standard!”

What should a company do when all of its market research indicates that it should base itself anywhere except Northern Nevada? Well, I guess you go to Northern Nevada!

When a company sets out to determine the best location for its business, it performs tons of market research and, honestly, most often sets its roots in places where they are assured, according to that research, the most profit.

In a recent Interview, CyberLoft’s Founder & CEO, Mark Harmon, told the people of Northern Nevada, “All of our ‘standard’ market research and bottom line figures pointed us to other cities across the U.S., each having greater promise of higher profits.  But you see, we are not standard… we set the standard.  Our decision to come to Northern Nevada was about serving Northern Nevadans.  It’s the most beautiful place, wonderful people, with a great need for the next level in computer services.”

We could not believe our research when it returned that a great many business, particularly in the Reno/Carson/Tahoe area, were hiring California computer services companies because they simply could not find local computer services companies with as much experience.  Harmon says, “this is mostly because of the recent growth in new businesses, jobs and homes in the area.  All of these new and growing businesses are going to need affordable and reliable managed IT services, and regarding home computer services, we found that a large percentage of home computer services were being performed at the computer/office box stores (e.g. Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples, etc.).  It doesn’t take much research to know that the worst place you can take your PC is a computer/office box store.  Their repair staff are frequently not even CompTIA A+ Certified.  All of CyberLoft’s Certified Computer Technicians are CompTIA A+, Net+ and Security+ Certified and most hold additional certifications from industry leaders such as Microsoft and Cisco.

Any Industry, Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere…

We hope that CyberLoft Computer Services will become your single-source computer services company in Northern Nevada who can deliver on its mantra, “Any Industry, Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere…CyberLoft is there to help.

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