Have You or Your Business Been Affected by Hurricane Harvey?

Hurricane Harvey is being termed as one of the nation’s worst Hurricanes, and CyberLoft Technology Solutions is no stranger to helping provide disaster recovery services after a Hurricane or other disaster.  In fact, we helped many individuals and businesses in South Carolina when flooding hit the city of Columbia and surrounding areas in 2015.  We were also there for Sandy, Andrew and Katrina.

Be Careful of Opportunistic Vendors

Our Executive Director, Mark Harmon, had this to say…

“It is sad that many, if not most, of the local computer services companies are ready to take advantage of you or your business during this time of disaster and crisis.  I guess they feel that since the costs will probably be covered by either their insurance or SBA Loan, and they look at this as an opportunity to charge a premium for their services.  We believe this is just downright rude, insensitive and opportunistic; we just don’t work that way.”

Fast Action is Critical

Even though many individuals and businesses have online or off-site data backups, not everyone was prepared for the massive flooding produced by Hurricane Harvey.  Everything from critical business information systems and data to digital family photos can be lost forever if delicate computer systems and electronics are not attended to immediately.

How CyberLoft Technology Solutions Plans to Help

Starting immediately, and continuing until further notice on this site, CyberLoft Technology Solutions (aka CyberLoft Computer Services) is going to make CyberAssist ™, our award-winning remote online computer repair and technical support services, available for free* to individuals and businesses in the Houston, Texas area whose computer systems and technology have been damaged or otherwise afflicted by flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Affected persons and businesses can call CyberLoft between the hours of 9:00 am and 9:00 pm and speak to a Certified CyberAssist ™ Technician, who will provide answers to questions, help guide victims on best-practices to reduce the possibility of permanent equipment damage and data loss, and start them on their way to recovering their core systems and data.

In addition to our free* CyberAssist ™ technical support services, CyberLoft Technology Solutions is offering 50% OFF its computer repair and disaster recovery services for those persons or businesses whose computer systems and other critical business systems and technology have been either physically damaged or water damaged due to Hurricane Harvey.

Harmon added, “We are located in Atlanta, not Houston, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t help provide valuable support and services to flood victims.”

A Great Example

We just spoke to a company located on the ground floor of a building in Houston.  As is quite customary for many businesses, all of their PCs had its CPU (the “Box” or “Brain”) neatly tucked away under each employee’s desk, leaving them absolutely vulnerable to the rising waters.  They contacted us and one of our Certified CyberAssist ™ Technicians gave the business owner step-by-step instructions on how to remove every hard drive from every computer (which is where all the data is stored).  The technician stayed with them until all hard drives were removed, and these hard drives now on their way to our offices for the secure data recovery process; taking full advantage of our 50% off disaster recovery services.”

Using Thumbtack to find a Pro?

Our staff spoke to a representative today at Thumbtack, an online service that matches customers with local professionals providing more than 1,100 services, including computer services (we are also a Thumbtack Pro).

The Thumbtack representative stated that they had just received a call from one of their Pros who was unable to provide services because of damage they incurred because of Hurricane Harvey.  If you do end up using Thumbtack to find a professional to help with your affected computer systems, you may want to consider selecting “This can be done remotely” on your submission.  That will make sure that your request gets seen by Pros outside the Houston area (at least those who have selected to receive submissions that are tagged “This can be done remotely”) as many of the Pros in that area may not be operational.

CyberLoft Company Slogan

Our company slogan is “Technology Solutions for Business, Home & Life”.  This is one of those “Life” moments.  We are truly here to help.