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Satellite Image of Storm Alberto as of 1:00 PM CST Monday, May 28, 2018

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We are tracking Storm Alberto.  Although we are always available 24/7, we had scheduled a lighter staff this past weekend and today due to the holiday.  Today, however, with the threat proposed by Storm Alberto, we have put our entire Critical Response Team (code-named CyberAssist™) on standby to help both businesses and individuals secure and protect their “Internet of Things”.  Our Certified Experts can properly protect your equipment and secure all of your important data, even though they are hundreds of miles away!

The staff at CyberLoft take natural disasters very seriously.  And whether it’s just heavy rain, a high-category hurricane, or an erupting volcano, these are the times you need the right partner with the skills to come in and simply secure Everything Tech!

In the past, in times of natural disasters, we only had to worry about a server and some workstations at work, and maybe a desktop or two at home.  With today’s level of technology, the quantity and quality of the technology we have to secure in times of natural disaster has increased exponentially.

As the-one-and-only CyberMan, I carry a laptop, tablet, smartphone and wearable (smartwatch) everywhere I go.  Carrying your technology with you as you evacuate seems like all you need to do, but that is just not the case.  Humans do not always think logically in times of disaster, and more could happen to your technology if not properly prepared for transport.

Back at our offices we have servers, workstations, copiers/scanners, audio-visual equipment, GPS equipment, smart TVs, along with virtually every smart device imaginable.  Were we not prepared for a natural disaster of any magnitude, even the smallest flood or disaster (or, as previously mentioned, a faulty or accidental activation of fire sprinklers) would cripple our ability to conduct business.  CyberLoft’s Disaster Preparedness and Response Policy allows us to have up to 4 feet of standing water in our facility before even affecting in-house (generated) power, or coming near any of our technology.  We like to say, “the floor is for dust, not technology.”  If any particular disaster threatens to exceed our existing Preparedness measures, then our Response is then to disconnect, pack and ship everything to a secure off-site location.  If we are expected to be without our facilities for an extended time, then we pack, ship and reconnect our domain (to the extent possible) at a predetermined remote location.

it is absolutely vital that businesses and individuals are completely prepared for the worst situation.  CyberLoft’s Critical Response Team, CyberAssist™ is always ready to help your business develop and implement an appropriate Disaster Preparedness and Response Policy so that when any disaster strikes, you and your business are ready for the worst.

Don’t risk damage to your technology (equipment) or data. Call CyberLoft Now!

If you are even possibly in the path of Storm Alberto, call us now at (404) 919-7555 and speak to one of our professional online tech support and remote computer repair center technicians who make up our Critical Response Team.  They will skillfully help you through a proven process that ensures you don’t lose any of your devices or any data.  For businesses in areas that are assured targets of disaster, we can provide pickup, packing and delivery of your technology to off-site storage facilities or completely relocate your primary servers and systems to a safe location and reconnect them so you can continue business as usual.